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Veterinarian Technician

Jenna Brauel

C.A.R.E. - our USA 501(c)(3)


PAWS-Olon (our grassroots group)

work together to provide free spay/neuter, low cost vaccinations and  medical care to local cats & dogs on the coast of Ecuador



Please Support Our New Veterinary Clinic in Olon


Since restrictions have been mostly lifted, many locals are able to go back to work and the need for feeding all the dogs and cats has been reduced.


This has opened the door for us to build a much needed veterinary clinic in Olon. The nearest vet clinics are 1.5 hours away, their services are more than many can afford, transportation is difficult, and taxis are expensive.


The Olon comuna has donated a space for us. With your support we have built a clean and well organized clinic with a reception room, exam room, enclosed surgery room, recovery area and a grooming station.

We will continue to provide free spay/neuter services to the local cats & dogs 2 days per week, and low cost care for other services. We will charge those who can afford to pay a reasonable charge for services in order to support the clinic. We plan to have spay/neuter campaigns when possible.

The comuna and local community were so grateful for our clinic that they held a celebration and parade which included the signing of our 2 year contract and a ribbon cutting ceremony. We also had a pet costume competition where everyone was a winner.

Mariella and Nelly

Our head veterinarian (Marella) is a  well trained licensed vet from GYE, who works 4 days a week at the clinic.  She is assisted by a recently licensed vet (Nelly) 3 days/week.

Mariella & Nelly

A monthly income of $1,200 will pay the vet & tech salaries, electricity, and other monthly costs.

We have great community support for the clinic and this is going to make major changes in animal health along the coast. We will also include “animal healthcare education” in our clinic program & in local schools.


Please consider making monthly contributions.


This would help us help the animals!

Grooming services (mostly for health reasons and not beauty) are offered with the fees going to support a cat sanctuary. The owner of the sanctuary (Andrea) is our groomer. We won't let the dogs know that the cost of their grooming is going to help cats.


Future Fundraisers




Cuatros Palmas


Curia Beach


April 15, 2021

All profits support spay/neuter surgeries







C.A.R.E. is a registered USA nonprofit that has joined  PAWS-Olon (a  grass-roots animal aid group established in Olon, Ecuador, in 2014) .

We are pooling our resources for a common goal to help the animals on the coast of Ecuador.

Board of Directors

Sharon Drumm, Jenna Brauel, Rebecca Cox


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