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Veterinarian Technician

Jenna Brauel

C.A.R.E. - Our Nonprofit USA 501(c)(3) 

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PAWS-Olón (Our Nonprofit Ecuadorian grassroots group)


We work together to provide free and low cost spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and  medical care to local cats & dogs on the coast of Ecuador

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Our Spay & Neuter Programs


Our primary mission is to provide spay/neuter surgeries that are free or low cost in order to reduce the population of unwanted animals.

From February 2018 through March 2022 we spayed/neutered 1,511 cats and dogs in our campaigns that were free to pet owners.

Since our clinic opened October 2020, we have spayed/neutered over 5oo cats and dogs for free or at a low cost.

 The free surgeries are NOT free for us. We must pay the surgeons at the campaigns, and we must cover our cost for free surgeries at our clinic.

We do so by charitable donations from you, our fundraisers, and organizations such as “Vet Strategy”.

                Our Canadian friends, "Veterinary Opportunities in Coastal Ecuador", led by Dr. Scott Bainbridge, support our efforts financially and they volunteer at our campaigns performing surgeries and stellar post-op care.

Clínica Veterinaria PAWS-Olón

Our clinic was the only vet clinic for many miles until just recently. In the two years that we have been opened we have served over 3,000 patients, saved two dogs from snake bite, treated innumerable abscesses, severe wounds, and severely infected eyes and ears. Although difficult, we have euthanized local animals to prevent their further suffering. This is a sad but necessary part of veterinary care.

A Valuable Contribution to the Community

The comuna (i.e. city hall) and the local community were so grateful for our clinic that they held a celebration and parade which included the signing of our 2 year contract and a ribbon cutting ceremony. We also had a pet costume competition where everyone was a winner.

Community Education About Animal Care


Our third focus is showing pet owners the basic care for their beloved animals, the importance of vaccinations, spay/neuter, as well as first aid and the need for taking their injured or sick pets to the veterinarian when the condition is treatable.  We already distribute educational materials at our clinic and campaigns, but we also plan to make videos, have live presentations in the community center and in schools. Education is the key to helping the future of the animals in our community, and the upcoming generation will be the leaders in having compassion for pets and street animals.

Spay/Neuter Programs
Our Clinic


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Board of Directors

Sharon Drumm, Jenna Brauel, Rebecca Cox

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